Facility Maintenance Ministry

Redemption Baptist Church – Facility Maintenance Ministry

The Facility Maintenance Ministry exists to glorify God by keeping His house clean and in good condition at all times. That entails fixing and maintaining lights, repairing, when necessary, parts of the structure and protecting them against from wear and tear, repainting the walls, the alleys, the roofs and the ceilings, conditioning the carpets and the floors, keeping the restrooms clean and in working order, so on and so forth.

This ministry is under the leadership of Brother Aniste Cénéac assisted by Brother Job Clermont and Sister Yolène Dorcy. The Women of the Church brings also great support to this ministry with the church cleanup they perform one Tuesday of every month. Brother Glémeau Bien-Aimé (aka Frère Raymond) does a very good job maintaining the landscape of the church.

The effect of the Maintenance Ministry can be seen all over the church. Hats off to the team and to everyone else involved in maintaining God’s house clean, in good shape, and in good condition!