Gallery of our Guest-Speakers

The following preachers preached in occasion for the church.

Dr. J. Abède Alexandre
Guest Speaker
Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Congregation in Roslindale (Boston), Massachusetts....

Pastor Eden McGuffie
Guest Speaker
Senior pastor of Philadelphia Evangelical Church of Montreal, Canada....

Pastor Jean Marc Desire
Guest Speaker
Senior Pastor of The Evangelistic Haitian Baptist Church of Canape-Vert & Petion-Ville....

Pastor Joubert Saint Juste
Guest Speaker
Pastor of “Première Eglise de la Mission Baptiste” of Fairmathe. He is the Principal of “College Baptiste” of....

Pastor Mariot Valcin
Guest Speaker
Senior Pastor of Adonai Baptist Church in Miami, Flotida....

Pastor Peguy Justafort
Guest Speaker
Born in Jacmel, Haiti. Graduated from Bolosse Seminary School...

Pastor Saint-Ange Monestime
Guest Speaker
Senior Pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, ...

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