Security Ministry

Redemption Baptist Church – Security Ministry

The Security Ministry is responsible for the security of the entire campus of the Redemption Baptist church as well as the safety of the leaders and church members. The tasks of this ministry include, but are not limited to, making sure that people who come to our church worship with peace of mind inside, knowing that the parking lots are constantly being patrolled.

Equipped with walky-talkies, the leader of the team on duty assigns two security “agents” to a particular section of the church campus with the instructions to patrol together that section every 5 to 10 minutes and to report to their leader —not to intervene in—any unusual activity they might observe near or on the church campus. On Sunday night, the security team works alongside the police officer patrolling the whole campus in his police car.

The Security Team also helps with the parking. They close the gate of the church campus when parking is full, and direct drivers to additional parking areas.